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 Post subject: Helloween interviews
 Post Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2013 2:32 am 
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Here is new exciting interview:

Very interesting interview with Michael Weikath done by Themetalcircus.com where he talks about re-editing the whole show of 'Live In The UK' album and other things. The headline of this interview is "Michael Kiske and me have intention to solve our things."

Weikath about re-edition the whole 'Live In The UK':

Weikath: "It would not be very difficult. The only problem is you have to pay for the production, mastering, re-edition, mixing and such things. Who should do it? The old records are there somewhere. I don't know if there are the 24-track recordings. I've heard that Kai Hansen knows where those recordings are. It's an idea we have for the future, but we don't know when. Everything is based on the costs. If you pay for releasing a second part of 'Live In The UK' and if this has to make sense, we must see, where the money goes. To Noise Records? We would get anything? Should we do an association between Helloween and Noise Records to change this? We should check this. Noise is owned by Sanctuary and Sanctuary is now owned by Universal Music. Currently we are in Sony which is a rival of Universal. We need to check who has the rights. It's not discarded."

Weikath about what happened between Kiske and him:

Weikath: "It could be explained that several things happened at that moment but also assuming that there is some distortion of reality in all this by Kiske. I'm sure he does not know the things that disappointed me. I think he doesn't know what it was. For him it is only what I did but he can't realize what he did to me. I did certain things, because he did others and I think he didn't know what why happened. If one day he would come to me and ask me "Why did you do this to me Michael? I would love to explain it to him. We could talk about that as long as he wishes it and there would be two possible solutions. One, we could fix everything and the other, that everything goes worse and it would grow the enmity. I hope that if one day we talk and we can solve everything. People want to do some reunion concerts with the current line-up of Helloween with Kai Hansen and Michael Kiske. Our manager is very interested in it and a lot of fans too. But the condition for that is, Michael Kiske agrees with it. And to make it happen, we need to sit down and talk sooner or later."

"The Unisonic drummer is our tour manager and I've heard that Kiske has intention to talk things out. He doesn't want to have a discussion with only talking about all the shit. He wants to talk in general. We have not spoken since he left of Helloween. We never talked except one day that we met in a record store. We have learned to separate and isolate from each other since then. And all this contributes that there have been misunderstandings, but we have intention to fix and resolve things."

http://www.themetalcircus.com/entrevist ... 83#coments

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