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Author:  nightangel [ Sat Oct 06, 2012 1:57 pm ]
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The Brazilian magazine ROCK BRIGADE issue number 267 (October-November 2010) has a long interview with Kiske about Unisonic (official), Helloween, Place Vendôme, Kiske/Somerville, etc... check some excerpts (the most interesting for me):

iske: " 14 years old I started to listen AOR and metal. I was really impressed, I had my room full of posters pasted in the walls of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest mainly. But I never listened only one kidn of music. I listened of everything and that's why my voice is so versatile. My taste goes since Metallica's Kill'Em All until Kate Bush."

Journalist: Do you think your way to sing was an innovation?

Kiske: "I have my own style but I don't think I innovated a lot. In that early times there were excelent vocalist who already used most of the techniques I still use today. Rob Halford, Bruce Dickinson, Dio, all greats and precursors. When I did the most high notes, already was Geoff Tate of Queensryche which has not problem to make it too. I don't think I invented anything. But I think I was good in my job and different of some others who only screamed all the time (laughs)

Kiske about Kai departure of Helloween: "...I had some talkings with him (Kai) in that years, and I would never forget one day Weikath told me: "I don't want you talk with Kai like you're doin'. What if you would convince him to stay?" Since that moment my relationship with Weikath changed...He started to talk about me on my back and to start silly games against me and not being honest. PBGA was a kind of nightmare for me and even before of start the recordings for Chameleon album I already notified it would be my last album with Helloween. "

Journalist: What about a reunion for a CD or a show?

Kiske actived mode <Tarja> and said: "Not unless Weikath was not there (laughs).... I was very young and when you're young you will carry some disappoints for the rest of your life. I always thought Weikath was a great friend but the time show me I was wrong. I saved that stuff in my heart and I needed a lot of time to recover me."

Kiske: "A person very important for me was Serafino Perugino (Frontiers's owner). He made me come back to make rock! I learnt a lot making projects and now with 42 years old, I realized I still can keep doin' what I love to do. Now with my new band Unisonic I feel I'm almost at 100%!"

Kiske: "Tobias contacted with me and told me he was a fan since he saw me playing live with Helloween. I didn't want to make that kind of music in that moment. But he was really excited with his music and he finally convenced me. I also liked the songs. The tracks remembered me what I liked to do with Helloween. The only think I regret is to being used the pseudonym Ernie in the CD (laughs). It was ridiculous! I wanted to hide me in that moment, I don't know what was thinking in that moment. I still laugh when I remember that."

Journalist: "Who did have the idea of re-record the Helloween in acoustic way?" Kiske: "It was also an idea of Serafino." Journalist: "Really? I love that guy" Kiske: "Me too! (laughs) He is a friend with strong character. Without him a lot of things would never being happened. But is true, the first time he offered me, I said to him go to f***... I didn't want to make it. But I stopped for a while to think about it. And I realize those songs were mines and I should not reject my songs. I want to make new things but I also have to respect my past."

Kiske about favourites albums: "TNOTB, Powerslave and POM of Maiden but also SSOTSS, not easy. After those albums I think they will start to repeat... it seems they have two kind of fans; one who loves the traditional heavy style and other who prefer a sound more progressive. For that they will be also critized not matter what they would do. But they don't care about it, they make whatever they want. And I love Judas Priest, my favourite is SFV but I also love the Turbo era. Not rare now but in that time, everybody hate it! Halford is amazing. If I would sing two songs like he does I would die on stage (Kiske sings 'Breaking The Law' imitating Halford)

Kiske about fans feedback in Sweden Rock: "Amazing. I had not clue I still have fans. Really! In Germany I'm out of fashion and nobody recognize me on the streets because I have not blonde hair anymore (laughs), I thought people forgot me."

Here is a picture compilation of this interview. In the fanclub section you will find a link to download the scans: ... =1&theater

Author:  nightangel [ Sat Jan 12, 2013 5:57 pm ]
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Since we are all waiting for the new Michael Kiske solo record, the next Place Vendome and a new Avantasia album, there is a little travelling back in time. Basti who did run the Gamma Ray fanclub some years ago, did for his fanclub magazine ‘News of the Rays’ an exclusive interview with Michael Kiske in summer 1996 (July/August 1996). Here you can read our translated excerpts of this interview (

Basti: Michi, since you have been fired from Helloween more than two years ago, there was almost nothing heard from you. Well, you were a guest musician on the “Land of the Free …” album, but what else has happened since then?

Kiske: I did a lot of thinking, just to come up with other ideas. There had happened indeed some not so nice things. And then trying to be a little creative and I just took my time for this. Most of the time I did what I wanted to do: holidays and a lot of reading.

Basti: When we met us at your last concert (22.12.1993 in Ludwigsburg) you said, that the next CD has again harder music. So you would have done the “Master of the Rings” record, if you would not have been fired?

Kiske: I would have never fought against any songs written by the other guys. For us, it was always like that because everyone had his own songs written and then we tried to do the song as good as possible together. I would have still done what I find interesting. Although, it was a pretty shitty state in the band, especially when Ingo was no longer there. Nevertheless, I said to myself: “If you are inside of such a band, you don’t throw this away so easily” because I still felt connected to the whole thing. I joined the band directly after school and then we toured the whole world. Also, I did not want be the one who destroyed it. I was heartbroken.

Basti: Have you never talked about it?

Kiske: Oh, that was not possible because there was no honesty in the band anymore. Only intrigues were going on. First I didn’t realize the whole thing so much, but it became more and more. I also wanted that Ingo returned to improve the mood in the band. I originally planned for myself to do at least one more record, also because at that time I was not as consequent as nowadays. In the meantime I know exactly what I want to do and what I don’t want to do. At least I don’t have to regret anything that I did, because I always stick to my decisions.

Basti: Is it possible, that you are quite publicity-shy? Ingo told me that it is like winning the lottery to meet you somewhere.

Kiske: (laughs) Well, that’s true.

Basti: Talking about Ingo, too bad that such a cooperation didn’t happen in the end. When I spoke to him, he said that he was only waiting for you to give him a call and he would be there. Was it a mistake to leave him in the dark?

Kiske: I was not ready, so why should I call him?

Basti: …To tell him that you want to work with him together.

Kiske: Originally I wanted to do this, because when he was fired from Helloween, he made a really good impression on me. But unfortunately later this changed completely.

Basti: Then why was he fired, when his condition at that time was very good?

Kiske: This is a special story and it would take a long time to discuss every detail about it. But then I would have to tell a lot of awful and secret things and I really don’t want to do this. I only say: The band cheated, betrayed and sold me, as well as they cheated, betrayed and sold Kai Hansen and they also cheated, betrayed and sold Ingo. Of course nobody wanted that Ingo ended in that way, the same goes for me and I also didn’t want him to end in that way. It does not help now to blame someone and it would only open wounds. The whole story was terrible and I also suffered from this.

Basti: From a conversation with him I realized that Helloween was (almost) everything for him……

Kiske: Yes, unfortunately it was all for him. This is not good because it is important what you do and not how you look through other people’s eyes, what other people think about you or if magazines write about you as the great drummer. It is important to have your own identity, but in Ingo’s case he identified himself through the band. And after he was no longer in Helloween, he saw himself as a nobody, since Helloween was everything for him as you correctly noticed. In the whole story you have to simply be aware that Ingo was very ill and he very early started with the drug abuse. Sometimes it was so bad that he could no longer play. No one behaved as he should have done; these were mistakes out of helplessness, because it is not so easy to deal with something like that, since you often don’t know what you can do. In the end Ingo was responsible for what happened, he maneuvered himself into this situation.

Basti: Well, let us end this sad chapter and talk a little bit about Gamma Ray. Has the band ever made an offer to enter?

Kiske: (laughs) No, we never talked about that. For me it was very clear that I first wanted to do a solo album that I try to go my own way and try new things out. This has indeed some advantages when I can do everything that I want to do, that is great. So I didn’t really think about it, it is also the musical style that Kai does and he does a very good job on it, because it is actually his thing. I’m Interested in totally different things nowadays. Of course there are a few pieces that I would find very cool, we indeed did a few things together.

Basti: How do you like “Land of the Free … “?

Kiske: I must honestly say that I have not heard it so intensively, because at the moment I listen to other things and I absolutely don’t listen to metal. But what I heard so far is well done; however, it is not what I would do now. Kai once asked: “Would it be silly if I ask you now, if you would enter Gamma Ray?” “Then I said,” Yes, this would be silly.”

Basti: In any case, that was really my first thought when I heard that Ralf is out…

Kiske: It was also Ralf’s first thought. I really Kai like, you know, and for me it is really important, I’m also incredibly happy about the fact, because now I have at least a person with whom I had good times together or better said the best times of Helloween. It was the time in Helloween when the feeling was great and the chemistry in the band as well.

Basti: And what about joining other Bands? I know that the band ‘Power’ from California would like to get you.

Kiske: No idea, nothing arrived at my side, because the management does not forward such things because it’s now no deal for me.

Basti: But there should be several requests, since you are definitely not one of the worst…

Kiske: Yes, requests have probably arrived, but I didn’t get any information about this.

Basti: In any case, the Gamma Ray fans did not forget you and frequently questions about you arrive. They would pretty happy with you joining the band.

Kiske: Yes sure, that would of course fit, but as I said, that does not stop me from working with Kai and I must not be in the band to do this. It is really cool that he sings these songs now and I think that’s a personally important experience for him. I also have the feeling that he really enjoys doing this and if they once again have a song where they have the feeling that I should sing it, and then I don’t have a problem with this. I can quite well imagine that could happen.

Basti: So let us switch to your solo project. Why does the record appear so late in August?

Kiske: I don’t have any songs for B-sides finished, and also there is football.

Basti: Tell us about the musicians who participated?

Kiske: Very different people. In the first year I flew to England and I was in the house of Adrian Smith and I wrote a couple of things with him, for example “New Horizons”, which you previously heard, the only double bass song for which also Kai contributed a little bit. I also wrote “Calling” together with Adrian. All this happened, while I was still searching, what to do. Also in the first year I did some things of my own, e.g. “Hunted”, “So sick “,” Thanks a lot “or” Always “. Then I wanted to do completely different things, because I was used to write things alone, so I found it quite interesting to write with other people together. I also wanted to work together with Kai, we had so many things planned, but it didn’t happen because of time schedule problems, always when I had time, he was busy and vice versa, so in the end I did not write much with him together. Last Year a Greek guitarist appeared and I really found him very interesting because he wrote completely different songs, e.g. “Somebody, somewhere “which is my personal favorite on the record (mine is ” Always, “note Basti). The most interesting songs arrived later from the younger people. I can say that the record is a mirror of the last three years.

Basti: And how would you define the style of the record?

Kiske: It’s really hard to define. It is more a rock album …

Basti: There are some quite hard sounds on it…

Kiske: Yes, there are some really hard things on it, just a few quiet things. Many different sounds and some acoustic elements…

Basti: There are piano parts… something which never happened in Helloween.

Kiske: No, this was never done…. Yes, there are lot things on it. It was just time to finally do something again. According to my wishes, I would have waited another two years and then the record would have been completely different.

Basti: But … but it already lasted long enough

Kiske: Yes. That’s why I thought: Let’s do this record now and on the next record I will go much further, because I want to create my own sound, definitely no Heavy Metal. But I have absolutely no fear of hard sounds, no aversion of pure energy which is connected to this. But this typical language of Heavy Metal bores me. I always prefer to use an acoustic guitar where you can sit down and do some jamming…

Basti: Like … “Longing” for example. A really wonderful track…

Kiske: … yes … I was already looking a little bit for that kind of sound. But I have always expressed what I feel and I want to continue to do it that way.

Basti: I always thought your songs are by far the best on the lastest albums.

Kiske: Really?

Basti: Yes, “Your Turn” for example…

Kiske: thanks … It is honestly just the way I feel and I will not be limit myself to any expectations, also not fan expectations. The fans must expect quality, but they should not expect that an artist reproduces himself, because this kills the artist. Therefore, it is for me very important to tell people, what artists really kill nowadays. Nowadays only the business is important, so if something is successfull, it will be reproduced, until you see yourself completely ruined, then they all have their big house and their big bank account. But sooner or later the people will be stupid, because they don’t have any musical horizon anymore and the music itself becomes completely dishonest. The biggest part of the music nowadays is profoundly dishonest and nothing more counts than taking away the money of other people. I do not say that there is a problem to make some money, but the basic principles of what art was actually about, is completely forgotten nowadays: that must has to do with honesty, that you have to express through your music, without any restrictions, trends or what the record company wants, what they can sell. Richard Wagner, for example, a man with an awareness of what real art is and what honest art must be. We today have no real art more.

Basti: So for me, Helloween was never a certain style of music, but rather the music these people play.

Kiske: Yes, and that was exactly what I always liked in Hellowee to be creative. Weiki also had phases where I really admired him when he really did great things, where he was incredibly creative. This is just one thing that you have to keep, otherwise it is not fun anymore and I’m just one of the people that say this, I also mean it. This can make me act uncomfortable for some people, because I do not just follow the money because I do not like it. If someday I should not sell records anymore, that I can no longer live from the music, then I know this is no longer my business.

Basti: What I still want to know: Why did you not participate as a guest musician in the release party for the “Land of the free “? There were ideas that you could sing “Time to break free ” live there.

Kiske: (laughs) I don’t like release parties. Also, I really don’t want to play live at the moment, it is not that I have any fear to do so, it just doesn’t excite me right now.

Basti: That means we won’t see you live right now?

Kiske: If at some point there is a fixed band, with the right chemistry and another album with enough Material, because I don’t want to play the old stuff again and again, then perhaps there may return the hunger to play live again. The whole thing has two sides: on the one side there is the party side which can be cool. But the other thing is to “be adored,” I think it has something unhealthy. I think it’s not good if the kids always identify with other people, the music must be cool and you have to find this cool. But this cult to identify with a person is not good; it especially came from the U.S., this really disgusting cult to identify with a person. I like to do music, but to play on stage the macho is so boring. I only need one or two weeks on tour then it starts boring me. At the beginning it makes more fun, in Helloween it was always so that we started making nonsense to make it fun again and so we always got better.

Author:  nightangel [ Mon Jan 21, 2013 10:16 pm ]
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There is a new (old) Interview with Michael Kiske. The Interview was done by Jutta Bartonek for the magazine Melodic Journey during the Place Vendôme promotion 2005. Here are some interesting statements from this interview and you can read the almost complete translation done by the Kiske Fanclub on the Fanclub page:

Kiske about the origin of the Place Vendome project: "... Serafino contacted me first and got my email address from a guitarist who has become a good friend of mine (Sandro) and who was involved on my last hard rock project. Then he asked me last year if I would be interested in an AOR project. When he told me that it would go in the direction of Journey and Foreigner, I thought to myself, something I've never done before -sounds interesting.
Two weeks later, he picked up Dennis Ward and he wrote most of the material. Song after song came via email as an mp3 and I should always tell what I think about it. If I found something good, Serafino again heard the song and so was the material selected. I have honestly never expected that the songs would be so good.
The way Dennis writes songs fits incredibly well with my voice.

Kiske about his solo record "Kiske 2006": I think in the end I will negotiate a deal with Serafino from Frontiers. But he must be careful with me, because he is also someone who tries to influence his bands in the way, he would like them to sound.... I've already done with him endless email fighting’s – I’m able to talk which you can realize (Jutta: now he has to laugh too) - and I tell him that in a way, that there is no way to create a back door. I can explain all of my points. After some emails then I think "well, it's over now .... now you can keep your strange record deal and do what you want with it" and then he gives in. This is sometimes very exhausting. However, the agreement is almost done, but as long as there are still some clauses stating that he can talk into my music, for example, that he can decide when the album is good or when the mix is ok for him or even how many electric guitars are in there, I say "that's it"....

Author:  nightangel [ Sun Feb 10, 2013 6:33 pm ]
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ROCKHARD magazine (German edition) issue number 2011-12 include an interview with Michael Kiske with no-music topic. The magazine talked with some musicians about the Spiritual world in rock music under the title "Heaven and Hell".

'Michael Kiske tells his view of moral, religion, philosophy and responsibility of musicians for spreading their ideas.'

Other bands in the review are: Tryptykon, Enslaved, Necros Christos, The Devils Blood, Orphaned Land, Tourniquet, Seventh Avenue.

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Author:  nightangel [ Mon Feb 11, 2013 8:56 pm ]
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ROCKHARD magazine (Germany edition) issue number 2005-10 contain an interview with Kai Hansen about GAMMA RAY (Official) album Majesty with a review (9/10).. not related with Kiske? ok, but Kai commented about him...

Kai about the time when he was in Helloween: "When we did the golden records with Helloween, I still only got a salary of 1.200 German marks. The reason was a very bad contract with Noise Records and a lot of people working for the band. When I need a new amplifier, I had to request for it. Sometimes this was funny, but also a hard school."

Kai asked about a possible reunion with Helloween: "There are rumors about it and to shorten things, I have no problem with it. But I would never quit Gamma Ray for this. Additionally it would be very important for me that Michael Kiske sings. My Helloween time includes the ‘Keeper of the seven Key’ era and to this ear simply a Michael Kiske is necessary."

Kai asked if this is still possible...: "I think he would do it. Nowadays Michi is more relaxed about this topic. I guess he dealt with his frustration and he can again enjoy what he achieved with Helloween. I just met him recently.”

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Author:  nightangel [ Mon Feb 11, 2013 8:59 pm ]
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ROCKHARD Magazine (German edition) issue number 2005-11 include an interview with Kiske about Place Vendôme debut album. A few excerpts:

Kiske about the Place Vendome record:“If the guitars are too heavy, it easily gets on my nerves. I have to deal with this already for a longer time. When it is too brutal, I don’t like it and on 2-3 songs the guitar overdubs are too loud for my taste. But the whole record is still ok and I don’t get sleepless nights with it. Dennis just did it that way, he likes it and that’s then fine for me as well. I would listen to my own records in a different way.”

Kiske about his announcement of never doing a hard rock project again after Supared:”..I never wanted to say that I won’t do any kind of music anymore. I only meant the way of writing my own songs. I recognized during the Supared recording process that the language of heavy metal is not the language that I want to use. There are several ways to perform a song and I just skipped this way for my music. This doesn’t mean that I won’t use any electric guitars anymore, but not in the way of hard rock and metal. I’m ready to do compromises in projects where I only sing, but also in these kind of collaborations no one should expect from me that I do things which are too heavy. I prefer more the music of U2 and Journey.”

Kiske about the bad reactions to the Supared album:”Regarding sales results it was very bad for Supared, despite that my last record already had worse sales results. My first solo record ‘Instant Clarity’ from 1996 sold around 100.000 records without much promotion and touring. That was really good. ‘Readiness to Sacrifice’ was only released in Japan and was skipped in Europe. My former record label had no money anymore and I’m not good in searching for a new label…therefore only something happens, if people contact me like it happened with Supared and Place Vendome.”

Kiske asked if he would not have left the hard rock scene with better sales of Supared:” It would have probably taken longer, but it would have happened anyway. …I felt really bad during the Supared production, but I didn’t know why, since I recognized that the reason was the language of heavy metal…”

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THIS IS ROCK magazine (Spanish edition) issue number 2010-December include a 3-page interview with Michael Kiske - interview done in Sweden Rock Festival 2010 after the show of Unisonic (official) - also include a big picture. The interview was about Kiske/Somerville album but they talked about everything. Some excerpts:

Kiske about Hansen's departure of Helloween: "Kai should have stayed in the band. I think Helloween was the best band in which he could be in these years. If he didn't leave the band, the balance would have been there and the things would have been different. Kai should not have left Helloween he didn't do anything different talking about the music style, it was the best band for him. It was a wrong decission."

Journalist: He once said he didn't like the management.

Kiske: "That's what he said."

Journalist: This is not true?

Kiske: "That's what he said to himself! It's self-convition. I think he suffered a crisis. Everybody treated him well."


Kiske about Unisonic show in Sweden Rock festival: "I just said to one of the guys of the festival management that we wanted to come here with an album but I'm glad that we made this first. Now we feel like a group and it is good to feel like that and then join the studio to record an album. We already have some tracks but is not enough yet. I'm really surprised they wanted us here because we have no album yet."


Kiske about Tobias: "I like Tobi. It was him who make me come back to the scene when he did that work... it was with Edguy or Avantasia? about 1998 more or less. At the beginning I was not interested, but when he talked to me by phone... he is a nice person and I like his sense of humour. The funny thing is I never met him! perhaps one day (laughs)"


Kiske about Kai Hansen: "The collaborations depend on the persons. Kai Hansen, for example, I like him. Always when he asks me to sing a song I will do it. He reminds me on the best times of Helloween."


Kiske about Timo Tolkki: "I don't meet him, just through internet. Emails and that stuff. Once, he wanted to meet me, he invited me to a show of U2 but I was busy, now I don't remember with what. I like a lot the Revolution Renaissance album, it was fine. In fact I've heard a few weeks ago. I had forgotten and then I watched a video in Youtube and it was fine. I like the lyrics, the message and the music. I liked it so much that I offered him to sing another track."

Journalist: There were rumors that he (Tolkki) wanted you as a vocalist for Stratovarius.

Kiske: Yes, this is true, he asked me, but in that moment I didn't want to stay in any band."


Kiske about Iron Maiden"...bla bla bla the typical about his favourite albums bla bla bla... I was impresed with the tour of Flight 666 It was amazing, I've never heard them playing better! They have always been good, Iron Maiden is a great live band, sometimes they sound better than in the album! And about the plane it was a great idea, Bruce Dickinson should receive an "order"... how can I say? the thing you can receive when you make something important in the army..."

Journalist: Like a medal of honor?

Kiske: "Yes, that, they should give it to the guy who had the idea with the Ed Force One. I'm pretty sure it was an idea of Bruce and it was brilliant. Not only in an economic level, also as promotion. Everywhere the plane will go, the people say: 'Here is the plane of Iron Maiden!"

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ROCKHARD magazine (German edition) issue number 2006-January include a 2-page interview with Kiske about Place Vendome, Kiske-album, Helloween, Kai Hansen, etc... Some excerpts are:

Kiske asked from which money he lives: "I still live from the music. In the year 2000 I just tried out to work as a bike courier, but only since I wanted to try this out. Since then I know that bike couriers are screwed. I have not done this job for a long time. Somehow I could always live from the music."

Kiske asked that he and other Helloween members said something to the Rock Hard journalists like ‘Look there is the Kai Hansen Fanclub’: "Yes, at that time he was the traitor, hahahaha. At that time I was also under the extensive influence of some people. After I was fired from Helloween, I met Kai at Amptown (and equipment shop) and we did a lot of talking. Since then we have a good relationship. If we ever do music together it will not be metal music. I cannot imagine doing this."

Kiske asked that it is hard to imagine that he will never sing hard rock again after listening to Place Vendome: "Of course Place Vendome made a lot of fun, but they were not my own songs….they way I write songs changed drastically since Supared times…back in time I skipped ideas since I thought they are too much standard sounding material. Nowadays I just accept these songs and after a few days I recognize that they are really good songs. The songs that I wrote for the new Kiske album are very homogeneous and I feel good with this.…"

Kiske asked that it won’t be ass kissing music: "No of course not….you can imagine that there are many people asking for this. I could make my life easier if I would join with Kai to do another ‘keeper’ record, which would be a lie. If I sing a special kind of songs from Kai, it will be always Helloween. It just sounds in that way. I just sing as I normally sing and Kai plays guitar in his special style. Something like that would have happened when I would do something with Weiki. He also wrote fantastic songs for Helloween. It would be stupid to say something different, despite that Weiki and me are very different. Some labels always ask like could you not do just something like that…."

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Author:  nightangel [ Wed Mar 06, 2013 12:59 am ]
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Michael Kiske and Tobias Sammet made an exclusive interview for Japanese Burrn magazine in April 2013 edition. Michael Kiske talks about Kiske&Giampietro album, new Avantasia record and the new Timo Tolkki’s Avalon project. Tobias Sammet also talks about the new Avantasia – ‘The Mystery of Time” release and about Michael Kiske, who was voted as ‘Best Vocalist of 2012′ in Burrn readers poll. Additionally a review of the new Avantasia – ‘The Mystery of Time’ album is featured with 3 different ratings voting for it (86/100; 90/100; 91/100).

Read some translations here:

Author:  antere [ Fri May 17, 2013 1:37 pm ]
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New Video Interview:

It is an in-depth interview and his opinions on religion, Unisonic, Avantasia, Place Vendome, Kiske/Somerville as well as his views on metal and Helloween are mentioned.

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