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Author:  AngelCryGr [ Fri Nov 18, 2016 2:26 am ]
Post subject:  Place Vendome new album title

Place Vendome new album title is "Close To The Sun"

It will be the opening track for the album which will come out early 2017

The song title is written by Simone Mularoni (DGM, Empyrios, Lalu) and features a guitar solo by Uwe Reitenauer (Pink Cream 69)

Some information about the new album:

Produced by Dennis Ward
Recorded, Mixed, Mastered by Dennis Ward,
Additional Mastering by Maor Appelbaum
Drums recorded at HOFA studios, most of the instrumentation has been recorded at the TrakShak studios, Mixed and Mastered at the TrakShak.

Lead Vocals - Michael Kiske
Backing vocals - Dennis Ward, Michael Kiske
Additional Choirs on “Strong” by Alessandro Del Vecchio
Bass - Dennis Ward
Keyboards - Günter Werno
Drums – Dirk Bruinenbergrg
All Rhythm Guitars by Dennis Ward except:
"Welcome To The Edge", "Across The Times", "Close To The Sun", "Hearafter" – Rhythm Guitars by Uwe Reitenauer

Guitar solo by Michael Klein on "Yesterday Is Gone", "Distant Skies", "Strong", "Breathing".
Guitar solo by Uwe Reitenauer on "Close To the sun"
Guitar solo by Alfred Koffler on "Welcome To The Edge"
Guitar solo by Magnus Karlsson on "Falling Star"
Guitar solo by Gus G. on "Light Beyond The Dark"
Guitar solo by Simone Mularoni on "Hearafter"
Guitar solo by Mandy Armand Meyer on "Helen"
Guitar solo by Kai Hansen on "Riding The Ghost" and "Across The Times"

Songwriters include:
Simone Mularoni (DGM, Empyrios, Lalu)
Alessandro Del Vecchio (Voodoo Circle, Edge of Forever, Hardline)
Aldo Lonobile (Death SS, Secret Sphere)
Jani Liimatainen (Cain's Offering, Sonata Arctica)
Magnus Karlsson (Primal Fear, Kiske/Somerville, Allen/Lande)
Mike Palace (Palace)
Olaf Thorsen (Labyrinth, Vision Divine)
Fabio Lione (Angra, Vision Divine, Rhapsody Of Fire)

Author:  AngelCryGr [ Fri Jan 20, 2017 11:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Place Vendome new album title

Place Vendome - Welcome To The Edge

Place Vendome - Light Before The Dark

Author:  antere [ Mon Jan 30, 2017 11:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Place Vendome new album title

Place Vendome - HereAfter (DGM cover):

I have to say that this is the first time that I like all the songs released up to now. On the other hand I cannot really get the musical direction of the album.

Has anyone of you listened to the full album? If yes any opinions?

Author:  antere [ Tue Feb 14, 2017 12:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Place Vendome new album title

Unfortunately I'm not impressed with the album. This is definitely the worst Place Vendome album up to now. The guitars are great, perhaps the best guitar work in the history of PV, but the songwriting is just not there IMHO. I mean were are the addictive and catchy choruses? For example, the title track is great until we reach the chorus and then it turns into an average track. The other strange thing is that with the exclusion of Riding The Ghost and Breathing the best songs were released as promos. I'm not saying that the other songs are bad, but they are not very good or great compared to previous albums. What I also find strange is the inclusion of many ballads and slower tempo songs. Fortunately Kiske sings amazingly (although he sounds a little bored at some instances, probably because of the songwriting).

Anyways that's my opinion and I hope that it will change with more listens and that the rest of you enjoy the album.

Here is the title track: Place Vendome - Close To The Sun:

Author:  antere [ Thu Mar 23, 2017 1:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Place Vendome new album title

New Interview with Dennis Ward about "Place Vendome - Close To The Sun":

Author:  AngelCryGr [ Sun Mar 26, 2017 7:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Place Vendome new album title

antere wrote:

Nice interview by Dennis Ward. He has shared the interview on his facebook page also.

Some excerpts of the interview:

    FASTLANE: From your standpoint as a producer, how do you feel about the new album “Close To the Sun” now that the finish product is out? It seems like each album just keeps getting better and better and this one is fantasic?

    DENNIS WARD: I’m happy with it. Me and Michael, we are really in to sonics. We’re geeks, we’re nerds, we both collect stuff like vintage gear. I build microphones and he collects stuff. Actually, the mic that he uses on the album I built. We’re into trying stuff out and trying to go a little farther. The last 4 years we’ve gotten really tight on that subject. We wanted to go a little bit more organic, try to take it to the limit. Even though the world is based on computer technology, we tried to get away from that a bit and that means we tried to get away from like, plugins and use real gear for a change. We wanted to go to the next level so we really took care this time, sonically really trying to go all out. We recorded in the studio where I record often, at least the drums and I do a lot of stuff in my own studio. We said”Let’s really Try to go a step farther this time” and not just make it good and let’s see if we can really go all the way. That meant to keep the AOR vibe, that was really important to us. We didn’t want to get metal on this, we got enough metal, you know, on other projects. We wanted to keep it AOR, even though some of the songs are metalized. We wanted to back it up a little bit; not get to rough and tough and not get to mean and keep it comfortable for the listener. The AOR listener doesn’t want to hear metal, that’s why he likes AOR. So, we really tried to stick to that. That was our goal.

    FASTLANE: The production is huge again and it has all of the hooks and everything, what were you guys looking for as far as song structure?

    DENNIS WARD: “Don’t bore us gettin to the chorus.” If I ever do anything with songs, especially when they come in from outside writers, if they complain about anything, first thing they complain about is that I’ve castrated the intro, that I’ve shortened the arrangement and that I’ve removed the solo. Because, what it comes down to, a Place Vendome record, in end effect, is a solo record of Michael Kiske with the difference being that all of the songwriters are 3rd party. We want to make sure that the vocals come over and that’s really it. The music is good. We need good music to hone everything up, but you’re not gonna find to many 2 minute long intro’s and exaggerated solo parts, stuff that’s just not necessary for a vocal album. It’s a vocal album. We are trying to promote Michael Kiske as a singer. It’s not even a band. It’s me with Uwe helping when he can on guitar. The only permanents so far have been Michael and me and Gunther on keyboards. Dirk has only been on the last 2 albums on drums. The whole focal point is on Michael. Really that’s it. When you know that it’s real easy to work. It’s easy as a producer to say, very quickly, “I’m Taking That Out,” “I’m Shortening This.” “I’m Not Gonna Bore The Listener.” Give the people what they want to hear and that would be Michael Kiske.

    FASTLANE: Plus, it has to make it easy to work when you have a guy like Michael with a voice like his that can pretty much sing anything.

    DENNIS WARD: True, he can sing basically anything.

    FASTLANE: Is Place Vendome strictly a band that just puts out studio albums or is it a band that does live shows as well?

    DENNIS WARD: No shows. It’s strictly a studio project, but for a lot of reasons. First of all, in the beginning we did it,Michael agreed to do it just as a studio project because he was just not interested in touring, back then, not interested whatsoever. Then he started doing this Avantasia thing at it slowly got his interest back then we made another record. Then we started Unisonic and we actually started playing some Place Vendome songs because we didn’t have any. Now it’s at the point he’s doing the Pumpkins United Tour and there’s just no point it makes no sense to do it. The logistics of doing it would be a lotta work and there’s to many other things going on and quite honestly we benefit from doing other things. It’s not fair and I don’t want it to sound hard or be mean to the fans or stuff like that, but I am very sure, at least here in Europe, that’s what we have to base everything on, because we can’t just get up and fly anywhere and do a tour. We would not really get large clubs full. It just doesn’t look good for an artist, especially in the case of a Michael Kiske who’s gonna be doing a tour playing in front of 50-60,000 people in arena’s and then go play a club of 6-700 people that’s not even full, that’s not gonna come off very well. He said that if he did it, he would definitely not do Helloween stuff on the side to keep a few fans happy. He wouldn’t want to disappoint anybody and it gets really complicated, so it sorta makes sense just not to do it. It could always change, you never know. It would be difficult to put it together with the band as it is now.

    FASTLANE: How about any last words? Is there anything that you would like to get out to the fans?

    DENNIS WARD: To the Place Vendome fans, enjoy the album. Comment whenever you can. Michael is very interested in what his fans think about him in this genre of music. How’s he coming over? If we were to do another record, what kind of stuff would you want to hear? This is really something that we are very interested in. This is really a fun thing for us. I can honestly say that we don’t do this to get rich. This is definitely not a project that we do to line our pockets. Michael Kiske, a lot of people don’t know this, is a huge AOR fan. He’s also like the biggest Elvis Presley fan, period. I got him for his birthday last time, a guy was getting rid of some memorabilia so I got him a lock of hair, signed albums from the manager, pictures and stuff. A grand worth of stuff. It turns out the guy was a musician and I made a deal with him to play on his record to have all of this stuff. LOL.

    FASTLANE: That is a great story.

    DENNIS WARD: That was his birthday present. I mean he’s a huge fan. He’s not just Mr Metal, a lot of people don’t realize that. They also think that he hates metal which was one of the things going around that people twisted, because it’s just not true. We get a kick out of all the metal bands and Michael is just a music lover. He loves all kinds of music, you know.He loves the old stuff because it gives him a feeling that he can’t get from the new stuff. Its the nostalgia. Remember the times sitting in the back of the truck somewhere, sure its gonna be a better song for you because you got these memories attached to it. He likes a good song when its a good song. He’ll be the first to say “I like that song,” if he really likes it, doesn’t matter what genre it is.

    FASTLANE: All of what you are saying comes across in this new album. I was just thinking about “Breathing.” That was the song that hit me right away. That song is brilliant.

    DENNIS WARD: I really like the way he sang on that song. Michael also worries about how he comes over, which is very critical. It’s really important because I also know musicians who really don’t give a shit how they come over. Either they don’t hear it or their not critical enough. Michael won’t let something go out unless he’s really happy with it. It’s a passion for him. It’s important for people to hear him how he hears himself.

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