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 Post subject: General Forum Rules
 Post Posted: Sun May 29, 2011 5:18 pm 
Souls Admin
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Rules addopted and customized to Unisonic and Michael Kiske from the official Gamma Ray Messageboard with kindly permission

1. Domestic Authority

This is not your house, it is ours. Posting here is a privilege, not a right. The privilege to post can be suspended or revoked at any time and completely at our discretion.

2. Netiquette and Mutual Respect

Be polite and respectful to all members, including moderators, at all times. No insults, name calling or belittling of other members and no degrading of their musical tastes, opinions, religions and other world-views. Also we won't tolerate any badmouthing and offensive language against other persons, be it members of Unisonic, Helloween (Kiske’s former band) and Michael Kiske, past and present, or other musicians and persons of public life.

Concerning the ever perpetuating topic of old vs. new line-ups and band members, that plagued this board for so long now, we ask you to accept the following rules:

2.1. Everyone is free to prefer old line-ups to the current line-up and vice versa. You may also prefer former band members to current band members and vice versa.

2.2. You are free to say that you do so, and you can always tell us the reasons for that. But do that in threads that are reserved for such topics and don't try to flame or heat up other threads with this old argument.

2.3. But you are supposed to accept that other users think different with the equally same right as you. So please avoid any kind of degrading other people's tastes and opinions in that regard. Your favourite line-up is not better than their favourite line-up, you just like it more. Leave it like that.

2.4. People who are persistently trying to spoil the atmosphere of the board by heating up arguments between fans of various line-ups and band members will be warned and might face further consequences.

2.5. You are not supposed to post speculations, insinuations or claims about a band member's private life and family.

3. Relax

If someone posts something that makes you angry, the best thing to do is step away from the computer for a bit. We often misinterpret other people's intentions and make mistakes in the heat of anger. Without the body language available to in-person communications, sarcasm or jokes can be taken the wrong way. We encourage you to label attempts at humor with emoticon-pumpkins, so that folks will know about your intentions.

4. Adult Content

No obscenities or pornography or adult humor. Images of a sexual nature are not allowed, and will be immediately removed if posted. Please remember that there are a number of underage members on this board, and that the main subject of this forum is music. Discussions of an overt sexual nature are not fitting for this board. There are plenty of places on the internet that welcome adult jokes, this isn't one of them.

5. Spam and Advertising

No spamming or advertising. Linking to commercial content related to the current thread is acceptable, but everything else is probably spam.

6. Filesharing and Copyright

As the server of this board is located in the Federal Republic of Germany, it is bound by strict German copyright laws, which make it necessary to impose the following rules for the use of this board:

6.1. Linking of mp3

The direct linking of mp3-files, audio-streams and comparable audio-formats of official releases is strictly forbidden. The copyright owners' association GEMA will charge us high fees for each linked soundfile, which we cannot afford paying. Thus any hotlink to mp3 will be immediately removed and the user will be warned. In addition please support your favourite musicians and buy their albums.

6.2. Filesharing

Filesharing of copyrighted material is illegal in Germany so we cannot tolerate the linking to and advertising for the services of any p2p-platforms and other filesharing programs.

6.3. Legal Sites

You may link to websites legally offering samples and other soundfiles for download or streaming, like the homepages of bands, recordlabels or mailorders, MySpace or YouTube. Make sure though not to link the files as such, but only the site offering them. Refer to 6.1. for the reason concerning that rule.

6.4. Bootlegs

For sharing bootlegs (which is a kind of grey zone and tolerated by several artists as fan support and kind of promotion), there is a topic only visible for registered users, so please only use this area for this kind of stuff. The sharing and posting of photos from concerts is allowed and appreciated.

7. Further illegal content

Any posts, links, pictures and statements including content that is considered illegal by the German poenal code is strictly forbidden on this board. This especially goes for racist, fascist, nazist propaganda and any other content trying to provoke hatred between members of different races, nationalities or religions.

8. Topics and Search-Function

Keep topics on-topic. Start new topics for new discussions. If you don't like what is being discussed, the best thing is not to say anything at all. "Hijacking" threads to talk about something different is neither polite nor respectful.

If you are unsure if there could already have been a thread about the topic you're going to start, please use the search function. It saves our moderators a lot of work and keeps the board easier to read.

9. Multiple Registrations & Fake Accounts

Do not create fake accounts. The use/theft of other people's identities when posting is strictly forbidden and has special penalties. You are permitted to have ONE user account. Those who create multiple accounts will have BOTH accounts removed.

10. Reporting Offenses

Please report rule violations! We do not monitor every post, so we ask you to let us know of problems. Click to send a short message to the team. If you feel that the rules get violated by a user or if you feel offended by anything that is said, then call for moderator's help. Don't shoot back and start a war. The team will take care of offenders and their actions.

11. Penalties

If you break any of the above rules, penalties will be applied on your account. The minimum is a temporary "timeout" from using our forums; the maximum is a permanent and total removal of your account.

11.1. Timeouts

To handle minor offenses, we use a simple "timeout" mechanism which gives members a break from the site, time for everyone to cool down, and a method for members to regain their posting privileges after a period. During your timeout, your writing-rights are revoked but you will still have access to all parts of the messageboard, including your profile, your personal messages, etc. The duration of the timeout will depend on the situation. The exact length of time is determined solely by moderators, but the minimum is 24 hours. After your timeout has been instituted, you will receive email explaining the reason for your timeout and its duration.

11.2. Permanent Suspensions

Either serious offenses or repeated minor offenses may result in a total ban from using the site. The same will be applied to those who persistently try to spoil the atmosphere and undermine the authority of mods by insubordinate behaviour. The permanent suspension includes removing your signature, your avatar, etc.

11.3. Warnings

In an effort to stop a rule violation before it occurs, moderators may send informal advisories to encourage rule compliance at any time. Someone breaking the rules may or may not have received a preceding warning before a timeout or a permanent suspension. Note that you might want to activate your personal message system. Otherwise moderators will have to address any issue in public.

12. Evasion of Penalties

Don't try to evade a ban or create a new account if yours gets banned. Any try to do so will be considered a further violation of the rules and result in further penalties.

13. Moderators Authority

Decisions of moderators and administrators are final and not to be disputed.

There will be no discussion about penalties and punished members in the forums. Our team does its best to keep our penalties confidential, in order to avoid member embarrassment, which is an excessive sanction. If you agree or disagree with our actions in a certain situation, we require that you also deal with the matter confidentially. Please use the personal message system provided by the board or e-mail for any kind of inquiries and appeals.

Please remember that you do not possess all of the circumstances and evidence with regard to any situation, and we might not be able to share all of the evidence with you for privacy reasons, but we are always fair and will listen to appeals. We make difficult decisions and rein in rule violators in order to protect the public mission of our forums.

14. English only

This is an English speaking board. Please show respect to your fellow board members and post in English so that everyone here can read it. We have a German area for speaking in German simply due to the fact that Unisonic and Michael Kiske are German musicians. We cannot dedicate any more areas or threads to other languages. Violators of this rule will be warned followed by a banning.

Souls Alive Official Unisonic Fanclub

Michael Kiske Official Fanclub

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 Post subject: Re: General Forum Rules
 Post Posted: Fri Mar 16, 2012 8:26 am 
Souls Newbie

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Sorry... it's impossible to read everything but I know the standar rules. I won't make any trouble.

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